This movie is

A funny and insightful reflection about human behaviour, honesty and social relationships between private life and professional environmental.


When a family business finds out somebody has been embezzling large sums of money, the company is quite unprepared to face a new reality. Ivo Rona, a long-time CEO of a successful company called Aron, navigates the tricky situation that gets worse as his children get involved, which is likely a consequence of his past actions. Olmo Omerzu’s latest film skillfully combines strained family relationships with the world of modern communication technology that can exploit our vulnerabilities. In the increasingly tense war that ensues, the battle lines are blurred and the winner is far from certain.

Original Title

Atlas ptáků


Olmo Omerzu


Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia


Olmo Omerzu, Petr Pýcha


Lukáš Milota


Jana Vlčková


Endorfilm, Cvinger Film, Punkchart Films, Czech Television - Česká televize

Maturity rating

U/A 13+