“I produce very realistic documentaries, but I am unable to reconstruct the real. It is as if I am amputating the life of these multiple dimensions. The imagination, the sensual perceptions, the unknown languages of life; I try to find them and show them.” - Narimane Mari


FID International Film Festival Marseille
Grand Prix de la Compétition Française 2013

Grand Prix 2013


17 kids, relentless, insatiable of gestures and screams, set everything on fire. Grand heroes of an unwritten war; while the French Army fires at the OAS, the children loot the French Army: oil, chocolate, semolina, sugar, and even a war prisoner condemned to eat beans. But the war catches up with the beautiful adventure and the beans are marred in blood.

Narimane Mari:

Born in Algiers in 1969, she began her career in Paris, in various communications agencies, where she created cultural content for print and television and contributed to developing art galleries. In 2010, she founded “Allers Retours Films”. LOUBIA HAMRA (2013), her first feature-length film won three prizes at FID and CPH:DOX in 2013 and many distinctions at nearly 40 international festivals. In February 2015, she directed for Hors Pistes at the Centre Pompidou: LA VIE COURANTE. Her film LE FORT DES FOUS premiered at Locarno Festival 2017.

Original Title

Loubia Hamra


Narimane Mari


Narimane Mari