Set in Poland during the first half of XVII century, the epic docu-drama BORN TO SABER tells the story of young knight Błażej Wronowski. ​ Jan Jerlicz, a veteran of the muscovite wars who returns to his fatherland upon Maciej Wronowski’s - his brother’s in arms request to begin training his son, Błażej.   BORN TO SABER is a feature story about honor, courage and war, seen through the eyes of a young noble and knight growing up in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. ​ Documentary part of the movie is a cinematic journey through history and art of the mystique of high-end crafting of the polish saber, which to date is considered to be one of the best melee weapons on the globe.  Word class experts demonstrate the art of saber fighting and forging this extraordinary weapon.

Original title

Zrodzeni do szabli


Paweł Deląg




Janusz Sieniawski

Director of Photography

Aleksander Leydo


Stowarzyszenie Polska Sztuka Krzyzowa, Leydo Film