• Best European Animated Feature Film - European Academy Film Awards
• Best Animated Film - 34th Goya Awards
• Iberoamerican Cinema to the Best Animated Feature - Platino Awards


Paris, 1930. Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel are already the main figures of the Surrealist movement. Unexpectedly, Buñuel is left moneyless after the scandal surrounding his film The Golden Age. In this difficult situation, he cannot even tackle his next project, a documentary about one of the poorest Spanish regions, Las Hurdes. However, his good friend, sculptor Ramón Acín, buys a lottery ticket with the promise that, if he wins, he will pay for the film. Incredibly, luck is on their side.

Curator’s sight:

The relationship between reality and imagination, the reflections of dream visions in our actions, art as an imitation of nature. This and much more is explored in Salvador Simó’s animated jewel, adapted from Fermín Solís’ graphic novel, which presents Buñuel’s sense for cinema, be it documentary, fictional or surrealist. In the magical and perverse relationship one has with the object-subject of one’s own cinematographic investigation, the awareness of one’s own human misery becomes inseparably linked to the moral urgency to give a voice to society’s invisibles and voiceless.