Marco is an assistant coach in Spain’s top basketball league. His attitude towards life causes him plenty of problems; at work, with his partner and in almost every aspect. One day, in the midst of a league game, those frustrations cause a huge fight with the head coach, leading him to get drunk and ending in a traffic accident that makes him appear in Court. His sentence is to coach a team of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and at the same time he loses his job and his girlfriend. In a surprising twist, especially for Marco, he will be the one who will learn the most thanks to the experience of coaching a group that is full of joy for life and focuses on the truly important things…


Javier Gutiérrez Álvarez, Juan Margallo, Athenea Mata


Javier Fesser


David Marqués, Javier Fesser


Atípica Films, Sacromonte Films, Antena 3 Films