This movie is

An exciting and heart-warming journey into the life of a woman struggling to be with her children, a film about love and hope.


After a difficult divorce, Alice hasn’t seen her son and daughter for months since they’ve been staying with their father. After the divorce case, she’s now waiting to hear back from the custody case. She’s tried to see them a few times but all of her attempts failed. One night, her son calls her on the phone crying and that’s when she decides that no matter what she has to go and see them. When the settlement agreement falls through, she takes the kids and runs away with them on a charter flight to the Canary Islands. Maybe this will make more of a mess of things, but at least she’ll have some holiday memories with the children.


Amanda Kernell


Sweden, Norway, Denmark


Amanda Kernell

Director of Photography

Sophia Olsson


Anders Skov


Nordisk Film Production

Maturity rating

U/A 13+