The story starts with a young singer, Florence “Cléo” Victoire, at 5pm on June 21, as she waits until 6:30pm to hear the results of a medical test that will possibly confirm a diagnosis of cancer. The film is known for its handling of several of the themes of existentialism, including discussions of mortality, the idea of despair, and leading a meaningful life.

Curator’s sight:

We are all equal in the face of certain sudden and unspeakable things. Life is the same for everyone when we wait to know what our future will be. In her non-traditional narrative cinema, made of walks, streets, faces, encounters and solitude, Varda distills the meaning of life as the possibility of accepting one’s vulnerability when trying to grow, to change, to live.


Corinne Marchand, Antoine Bourseiller, Dominique Davray, Dorothée Blank, Michel Legrand


Agnès Varda

Film Editor

Pascale Laverrière, Janine Verneau


Paul Bonis, Alain Levent, Jean Rabier


Agnès Varda


Michel Legrand

Bonus Content

Rosalie Varda
2 mins

Rosalie Varda presents CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7