It’s midnight. Rhodesia’s jungle is dressed in a steaming, reeking black. A propeller is heard in the distance, bearing down upon us. Many years later, stories are still told about Belgian mercenaries creeping around in the dark that night. In the plane is UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and his entourage of fifteen persons, and in a few seconds, they will not exist anymore. From this moment, you can draw a direct line to the Congolese civil war, Mobutu’s regime, the ongoing and accelerating exploitation of Africa and the total post-colonial nightmare as we know it today – all this due to the single incident taking place right now.


Mads Brügger


Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium


Mads Brügger


Tore Vollan, Lars Skree, Jonas Berlin


Wingman Media ApS, Piraya Films Norway, Laika Films, Associate Directors