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COUP | Germany

Sven O. Hill 2020 1h 21m


A rocker in the banking world of the 1980s will always be a fish out of water. But if you discover a security vulnerability in the bank’s financial transaction system, you can quickly unburden your employer of 2.5 million German marks and disappear to Australia, where your life of luxury can begin! But what this clever bank robber hadn’t expected is that his girlfriend doesn’t want to follow him Down Under – where he now sits in his gilded cage, his yearning for his young son growing and growing. A grey-haired man on the banks of the Elbe River in Hamburg, looking directly into the camera: what starts out as a reminiscing documentary narrative – or is it just sailor’s yarn? – evolves into an as entertaining as a raucous melange of the documentary, animation, and feature film, told in flashback and embellished with a mass of retro charm. The appalling beige-brown savings bank world meets rocker romanticism and the longing for the big wide world as seen on the photo wallpaper of a sunset on a palm-lined beach.

Awards & Selections

• Winner of German Cinema New Talent Award at Hofer Filmtage


Sven O. Hill



Production company

Salto Film UG

Maturity Rating

U/A 16+





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