“One common point that director Lee Kyu-chul knows is that, while not all of the interviewees can fully remember the Arirang song, they all have memories that can be triggered. They all can recall some version of it. The immigrants all acknowledge collective singing as a means to get through hardship.” - HanCinema

International Premiere


During the Japanese occupation period, suffering from famine and political chaos, Koreans were forced to deport or drafted to work in other countries. Now 150 years later, it appears around 7 million of those people and their families are spread across 170 countries, and so are their songs - ARIRANG. The songs let them forget their painful memories and also remember their own country. A world-famous Korean-Japanese composer/pianist Yang Bang Ean follows the pathways of Korean diasporas as an inspiration, and performs his cross-over music concert called ‘ARIRANG ROAD’.

About the director:

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LEE Kyu-chul is a Director based in Seoul, Korea. From the university days LEE has worked part-time as a assistant director on TV Documentary production. He is a director with various experience in different roles-sometimes as a producer or visual effect supervisor but primarily as Director. Projects range from independent short films to a feature length documentary. He is currently developing a 4K Human Documentary aimed at fully international theatrical release.

Filmmakers’ Talks” in response to our virtual moderator’s questions are included at the end of the movie. Don’t miss it!

Filmmaker’s Talk” in response to our virtual moderator’s questions is included at the end of the movie. Don’t miss it!

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Yang Bang Ean (Japanese name: Kunihiko Ryo)


Lee Kyu-chul