15-year old Klemen lives with his elder brother Peter and single mother in a small and remote rural town. Klemen’s well-established routine of spending time with his beloved brother on the tennis court and by the nearby river gets interrupted by Peter’s sudden and passionate love affair with his gorgeous classmate Sonja. This triggers a torrent of conflicting emotions and reckless actions by Klemen.

Curator’s sight:

Relationships with actual or substitute parental figures, in particular with a paternal one, whether they are more or less conflicting and more or less unhealthy, are the basis of any self-respecting coming-of-age story. His attachment to his older brother and the increased jealousy he consequently feels towards him explode when Peter tells Klemen that he wants to move from Slovenia to Germany with his girlfriend. With a warm and sensual mise-en-scene and a soundtrack accompanying the overflowing emotions of Klemen’s adolescent turmoil, the sentimental and human education of this young protagonist is tinged with Polanskian shades.


Matija Valant, Tine Ugrin, Iva Krajnc, Klara Kuk, Nikola Djuričko


Martin Turk


Bela Films


Radislav Jovanov - Gonzo


Teho Teardo

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Martin Turk
8 mins

Director Martin Turk presents DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE