Student Nelly supports herself and her slightly demented grandma, Rosemarie, by working as a bus driver. But problems begin to pile up when they are forced to leave their apartment and Rosemarie also gets into the habit of taking little jaunts to the family allotment. Unfortunately, Nelly’s aunt and uncle just happen to tend the adjoining allotment and Nelly doesn’t get on with her relatives. To the great displeasure of pedantic allotment president Franco, Nelly joins forces with her new neighbour, the musician Paolo Cesar, to make a virtue out of a necessity by moving into the allotment shed with Rosemarie. Nelly’s aunt, who also finds the move irresponsible, promptly informs Nelly’s father. While battling with Franco, Nelly unwittingly uncovers the secret that once divided her family. EDEN FÜR JEDEN is a feel-good comedy that presents the allotment garden as a reflection of a multicultural Switzerland.


Rolf Lyssy




Atlantis Pictures Ltd., SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen