Available from 21 to 30 of November

This movie is

A moving story about the love of a son for his father and the struggle to honour his memory in a difficult situation.


The story of ‘EE, MAA, YOVE’ is set amidst the Latin Catholic community in Chellanam beach near Kochi in Kerala. It revolves around the death of Vavachan, a master mason, who comes home after a lapse of time, and suddenly meets with his death. Before his death, he shares with his son Eesy, memories about the burial of his father and in turn, his own desire to be buried decently. Eesy readily promises him a grand burial. After Vavachan’s sudden and shocking departure, Eesy earnestly arranges for his father’s funeral; he wants it to be performed with due respect, with all the usual rituals, colorful paraphernalia and celebrations that go with it. But this simple gesture of love and respect of a son for his father, meets with unpredictable obstacles and unseemly reactions from different quarters.

In collaboration with Dharamshala International Film Festival


Lijo Jose Pellissery




P. F. Mathews


Shyju Khalid


Deepu Joseph


Rajesh George Kulangara

Maturity rating

U/A 13+