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Henrik Ruben Genz 2020 1h 40m


Denmark, summer of 1918. ww1 rages through Europe. Germany is running so low on recruits that young men on the Danish side of the border are now being conscripted. Feldwebel Meyer enrolls Kalle, Erna’s 17-year-old simple-minded son. after failing to convince the commanding officer that Kalle is unfit for war, Erna swaps identities with a deserting soldier in order to follow and protect Kalle. Meyer helps Erna in return for the promise of marriage, but in the trenches during an attack where all hope seems lost, Erna gives in to her blossoming love for fellow soldier Anton. Erna at war is the story of a remarkable woman who won’t let war keep her from protecting what she believes in.

Director’s bio

Born 711 1959. Originally majored in drawing and printmaking in 1987 and later attended the National Film School of Denmark, graduating with his student film ‘Cross Roads’ in 1995, for which he received Best Film and Script Award at the Film School Festival in Munich.

Subsequently, he worked at the Danish national broadcaster DR directing a number of short films, documentaries and episodes of TV series, including the popular dramas ‘Nikolaj & Julie’ (2003), ‘Better Times’ (2004-07) and ‘The Killing’ (2007). In 2009 Genz was honoured with the Carl Theodor Dreyer Award. His short fiction ‘Teis & Nico’ (1999) received the Crystal Bear in Berlin and an Academy Award nomination, Genz made his feature film debut with the children’s film ‘Someone Like Hodder’ (2003).

‘Terribly Happy’ (2008), Genz’ third feature film, took home the Grand Prix Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary while also winning a remarkable seven honours at the Danish Robert Awards 2009, including for Best Film. Genz directed the drama comedy feature ‘Satisfaction 1720’ (2016), ‘Word of God’ (2017) and ‘Erna at War’ (2020).

Original title

Erna i krig



Production company

Nimbus Film

Director of Photography

Jørgen Johansson



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