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Olivier Babinet 2016 1h 24m

Content available from February 10th until February 13th | Available only via invitation

A portrait filled with vivacious, joyful, and contagious energy. —Le Monde
Compared to a film like Jacques Audiard’s ‘Dheepan’, which depicted the banlieue as a lawless war zone populated by gun-toting thugs, Swagger offers a portrait that’s both closer to reality and filled with a genuine sense of hope. —The Hollywood Reporter


• Nigel Moore Award, DOXA Documentary Film Festival, 2017
• Best Film, College Jury Prize, Quebec City Intl Film Festival, 2017


Swagger nous transporte dans la tête de onze enfants et adolescents aux personnalités surprenantes, qui grandissent au coeur des cités les plus défavorisées de France. Le film nous montre le monde à travers leurs regards singuliers et inattendus, leurs réflexions drôles et percutantes. En déployant une mosaïque de rencontres et en mélangeant les genres, jusqu’à la comédie musicale et la science-fiction, “Swagger” donne vie aux propos et aux fantasmes de ces enfants d’Aulnay et de Sevran. Car, malgré les difficultés de leur vie, ils ont des rêves et de l’ambition. Et ça, personne ne leur enlèvera.


Swagger takes us into the minds of eleven children and adolescents with amazing personalities, who are growing up within some of France’s most underprivileged housing projects. The film shows us the world through their singular and unexpected gazes, their funny and incisive thoughts. By using a mosaic of encounters and by mixing genres, even musicals and science fiction, Swagger gives life to the words and fantasies of these kids from Aulnay and Sevran. Because, despite the difficulties of their lives, they have dreams and ambitions. And no one can take this away from them.

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Olivier Babinet



Age Recommendation

Age 15 & up


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