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Robin Petré 2021 1h 18m


As the peak of winter draws near, a vast European network of marine animal rescue volunteers is bracing themselves for the rough season. night and day, all year round, they work tirelessly to rescue coastal wildlife from life-threatening elements: oil. plastic. treacherous conditions. but the worst is ahead. climate change fuels violent weather across the seas, and the annual winter storms are coming at them with an unprecedented roar. simultaneously, the wild animals are struggling against their human surroundings. the film is a poetic documentary that zooms in on the complex collision between humans and nature. we are taken on a disturbing and fascinating journey into the emerging Anthropocene era, seen from both the human and animal perspective.

Director’s bio

MA in Documentary Film Directing from the European film school DocNomads in 2015, Among several prizes, Petré has won the Silver Dove at DOK Leipzig for the documentary short ‘Pulse’ (2016). Petré makes her feature-length debut as a director and cinematographer with the documentary ‘From the Wild Sea’ (2021), world premiering in the Generation 14plus competition at the Berlin Film Festival.

Original title

Fra det vilde hav


Robin Petré



Production company

Hansen & Pedersen


Robin Petré

Director of Photography

Maria Grazia Goya, Robin Petré



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