The three stories within Genesis are rooted in the biblical notion of family: a woman in her late thirties rediscovers the faith she lost as a child; a mother goes to extreme lengths to ensure that her child is saved from the fate that she was forced to endure; a Roma boy’s family are killed, and the perfect world of his childhood is destroyed. All three stories are based on real events that took place in Hungary: the Roma murders. The three protagonists are one way or another affected by these events, which change their lives fundamentally.

Curator’s sight:

The film, inspired by the biblical myth, shows the many dimensions of the family and consequently of society itself, in the different forms they can have, within and beyond blood ties. Shaped by shadow and light and in a continuous dialogue between life and death, Genesis offers an unforgettable fresco of the mad fury of hate and of the endless power of love, which is stronger than death. A powerful manifesto against all forms of racism.


Milán Csordás, Anna Marie Cseh, Eniko Anna Illesi, Lídia Danis, Zsolt Kovács, Levente Molnár, Tamás Ravasz


Árpád Bogdán


FocusFox Studio, Mirage Film Studio

Film Editor

Péter Politzer


Tamás Dobos


Árpád Bogdán


Mihály Víg

Bonus Content

Bogdán Árpád
2 mins

Director Bogdán Árpád presents GENESIS