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Michael Wikke, Steen Rasmussen 2019 1h 27m


Video games are Viggo’s whole life. But one day when a goose crashes on his balcony and it turns out it can talk, Viggo’s life is changed forever. The goose is desperate to get back to his flock but has a broken wing, so Viggo is forced to step up and help his newfound friend. Together, they go on a colorful adventure which turns out to be far more demanding than Viggo ever imagined.

About the director:

Michael Wikke, director. Born 1959, Denmark. Met Steen Rasmussen (born 1949) as the two were working on children and youth productions at the national broadcaster DR, and in 1984 Wikke and Rasmussen started their company Græsted Film & Fjernsyn, which since has produced the duo’s many films as well as radio and TV productions. They first won popular acclaim for their TV series such as ‘Tonny Toupé Show,’ ‘Sonny Soufflé Chock Show’ and ‘Søren Kierkegaard Roadshow’ from the late 80s and early 90s. The duo writes, produces, directs and features in almost all their productions, which carry the official brand name of Wikke & Rasmussen. Among other things, Wikke and Rasmussen have written and directed the feature films ‘Hannibal & Jerry’ (1997), ‘Motello’ (1998), ‘The Flying Granny’ (2001) and ‘Gooseboy’ (2019).






Chinese, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian



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