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Katya I Vasya idut v shkolu (Hey Teachers)

Hybrid Panel Discussion
TUESDAY APRIL 19th, 6:00-6:30pm (CDT)
Onsite: Hyatt Regency, Nicollett Ballroom
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Description of the Session

Following the screening of the movie on Tuesday, April 19 we will host a discussion with the film’s director Yulia Vishnevets and scholar Elena Aydarova


• Yulia Vishnevets, Film Director
• Elena Aydarova, Auburn University


• Jury Special Mention - Krakow Film Festival Documentary Competition 2020
• Alexander Rastorguev Prize for a protagonist Vasiliy Kharitonov - IFF Message to Man 2020
• Jury Special Mention - Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF 2020
• National Award “Laurel Branch” for the Best film 2020
• First Runner-up - Hong Kong International Documentary Festival 2020 (International Competition)


With a dynamic, observational style, Vishnevets takes us into the often humorous day-to-day life of two first time teachers, Katya and Vasya, who move to a small industrial town in Russia. Katya teaches literature and Vasya geography. Both are idealistic and want to make changes in the conservative school. They attempt to introduce new teaching practices into their classrooms to promote more active, participatory and critical learning. But they face multiple obstacles along the way including student apathy and ingrained attitudes like excessive nationalism, sexism and homophobia. Their desire to challenge the status quo bumps against a system and school leadership focused on obedience and conformity. The school´s principal lectures the new teachers and states: “You are essentially the sovereign’s people. You are like the military, the FSB Federal Security Service, and others”. Military rituals are also on display at the school, creating a sense of comedy and tragedy.


Yulia Vishnevets



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CIES 2022 - Trailer
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Cinematic Spaces of Education Film Festivalette Trailer To make the bonus material available, the virtual cinema requires that you watch the film first.

Live Q & A Recording
23 mins

“HEY TEACHERS” LIVE PANEL with Yulia Vishnevets and Elena Aydarova To make the bonus material available, the virtual cinema requires that you watch the film first.