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Zehra at the age of eight is upset that her uncle Sezer will return to Germany. When Sezer and his brother-in-law Ismet arrive at the airport, they realize that they have missed the plane. Their watches are three hours behind. When they return home, Ismet sees that all the clocks are the same. He realizes that her daughter set them back. He gets angry because of what Zehra did. The broadcast on the television is interrupted with breaking news. The plane Sezer should get on that morning crashes. Zehra unwittingly saves her uncle’s life.

About the director

Emir Külal Haznevi was born in 1986 in Syria. His parents moved to Istanbul when he was a child. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication Radio, Cinema and TV. He studies Philosophy at Anadolu University. He founded Saudade Film in 2015. He worked as a creator and producer in more than 130 episodes on TV. He plans to complete his first feature-length film The Sun, The Moon and The Eleven Stars in 2023.


Emir Külal Haznevi




Emir Külal Haznevi

Director of Photography

Emrah Durmuş


Aytuğ Berk Albayrak


Cihan Mürtezaoğlu