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Marcelo Grabowsky, Mauro Pinheiro Jr 2023 13m

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A guest. A room. A body. The directors spent a night in a hotel room following the character proposed by Biño Sauitzvy to occupy this room, and to answer the question “how do you face loneliness?”. In between performance, fiction and documentary, the short is an investigation of the limits and the possibilities of loneliness, this body and this room.

About the director

Marcelo Grabowsky

Marcelo Grabowsky is a Film and Theatre director. In 2010 created the company Mirada Filmes, with Aline Portugal and Julia De Simone. Directed the shorts: PRIVATE PHOTOS (2020), Best Screenplay and Actor at the Festival de Gramado, Grand Jury Special Mention at OutFest LA, part of Palm Springs ShortFest and Frameline; and CHRLORINE (2014), Best Short at the Milan Festival, part of NYFF and Vila do Conde. And the feature doc WITNESS 4 (2011) Best Director at the Semana de Cinema and part of Cinelatino de Toulouse. His latest short film HOTEL ROOM (2023) was selected at Rio de Janeiro IFF.

Mauro Pinheiro Jr.

Mauro Pinheiro Jr. has distinguished himself as cinematographer of Brazilian films such as: CINEMA, ASPIRINAS E URUBUS by Marcelo Gomes; LINHA DE PASSE by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas; MY HINDU FRIEND by Hector Babenco; INSOLACAO by Felipe Hirsch and Daniela Thomas; O ABISMO PRATEADO by Karim Aïnouz; and SOUTHWEST by Eduardo Nunes. Throughout his career, he received more than 40 cinematography awards, including the ABC Award – Brazilian Cinematography Association in 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2013. HOTEL ROOM (2023) is his debut as director and was selected at Rio de Janeiro IFF.

Original Title

Quarto de Hotel


Mauro Pinheiro Jr, ABC



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