Adriana, a naive Italian country girl, moves to Rome to become a movie star and experiences the dark side of the business.

Curator’s sight:

A philosophical and timeless film investigating, through the life of the young protagonist Adriana, the depth and beauty of the human soul, even in its apparent unawareness, in a context of progressive human and cultural desertification and the spread of hypocrisy of what Guy Debord would have called The society of the spectacle.  
Antonio Pietrangeli presents portraits of Italian women from the 1960s which show the process of social transformation in which women unquestionably have a leading role. An evolution paradoxically still called into question today in many countries of the world.  


Stefania Sandrelli, Mario Adorf, Jean-Claude Brialy, Joachim Fuchsberger


Antonio Pietrangeli


Ultra Film, Les Films du Siècle, Roxy Film

Film Editor

Franco Fraticelli


Armando Nannuzzi


Antonio Pietrangeli, Ruggero Maccari, Ettore Scola


Piero Piccioni

Bonus Content

Mario Sesti
5 mins

Mario Sesti, Director of The Cinema Foundation for Rome and MAXXI Curator, presents I KNEW HER WELL