Nicoline, an experienced psychologist disrupts the chance at probation of Idris, a sex offender who has committed a series of sexual crimes. He does everything he can to gain her trust, sparking a power game of manipulation between the two, and she can’t help but fall for it.

Curator’s sight:

Prison is a place nobody comes out of the same as before. This is true for those who are forced to stay there to serve a sentence, but also for those who enter voluntarily to work with prisoners. It’s an experience that brings people back to the basics of human relationships and to the fundamental issues of existence. Entering in this place of suffering and of the search for change, Halina Reijn together with her friend and international star Carice van Houten, offers us a reflection about the relation between power and desire, and the unknowable quality of the human mind and of sexuality.


Carice van Houten, Marwan Kenzari, Ariane Schluter


Halina Reijn


Topkapi Films, Man Up Productions, BNN-VARA

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Halina Reijn
3 mins

Director Halina Reijn presents INSTINCT