Jonas pretends to be blind and enters a TV dance contest where he meets his attractive dance partner, Saulé. They soon become the show’s most popular contestants. Meanwhile, Vytas, an old acquaintance of Jonas, is released from jail hungry for revenge, firm in the belief that he isn’t the only person responsible for his wife’s death, but that her former lover, Jonas, shares the guilt. Second feature by its director, winner of Glocal in Progress 2018.

Curator’s sight:

Invisible, a film about what seems, appears to tell us that “the essential is invisible to the eye”. In a world of appearances in which religion, capitalism and television make the world appear more peaceful than it might be, promises of happiness are very difficult to keep. While protagonists lie to themselves and to others, dance sequences are inextricably linked to the truth of people, revealing their inner reality. 


Dainius Kazlauskas, Darius Bagdziunas, Paulina Taujanskaité


Ignas Jonynas


Kristupas Sabolius


Ignas Jonynas

Bonus Content

Ignas Jonyas
1 mins

Director Ignas Jonyas presents INVISIBLE