This movie is

A bittersweet, funny, and heart-warming film about family and human relationships, in the perspective of environmental protection and climate change mitigation.


The enlightened, forward-thinking mo family leads a picture-perfect life on their farm in Norway. But recently, climate anxiety and a fear for what kind of planet will be left to their three children are keeping them up at night. Taking a giant leap of faith, the family decides to take action and move to ‘permatopia’: a brand new self-sufficient, organic farming cooperative in Denmark. But will green community living really be a sustainable solution for a family of five headstrong individualists, each with their own very different expectations and dreams? A heartwarming and brutally honest film about one family’s attempt to make a real difference under the shadow of climate change.


Erlend E. Mo


Denmark, Norway, Sweden


Erlend E. Mo


Erlend E. Mo


Åsa Mossberg

Production Company

Magic Hour Films APS

Maturity rating

U/A 7+