Kharkiv duo Andriy Rachinskiy (b. 1990) and Daniil Revkovskiy (b. 1993) have since 2012 earned international exposure for their multi- disciplinary work at the rich intersection of installation, photography, and moving-image. Here they delve deep into the hidden socio-economic realities of central Ukraine’s heavy industry, assembling a found-footage patchwork of videos shot (mainly on mobiles) and disseminated by workers via social media. A harrowing compendium of labour-exploitation, chronic mismanagement, crudely-waged class warfare and ecological catastrophe, leavened by seams of humour and camaraderie.

Original title

Oхорона праці на Дніпропетровщині


Andriy Rachinskiy, Daniil Revkovskiy