Sirkka-Liisa died alone with no one left to miss her. Elina happened to buy her home after her death and ended up with all Sirkka-Liisa’s possessions from books to photos. What would happen If Elina threw all her things away?

Elina Talvensaari:

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Elina Talvensaari began her studies with anthropology and sociology at Helsinki University. While finishing her master’s degree she switched to film studies, majoring in documentary directing. Her latest film HOW TO PICK BERRIES opened at Venice Film Festival, and has been awarded in various international festivals such as San Sebastian, Tromsø and Tampere and has been recognized also by Fine Art institutions such as MoMa in New York. She is currently finishing her studies on film directing at Aalto University, ELO Helsinki Film School.

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Elina Talvensaari

Director of Photography

Joonas Pulkkanen


Okku Nuutilainen


Tommi Mäki


Aamu Filmcompany