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Cana, a Syrian woman, wants to buy a fridge in Helsinki as a part of her settling-down process. To deliver the fridge home, she rides in a van with Ville and Rony where the three worlds intersect on themes of coldness, home and exile. When they arrive with the fridge, they discover that Cana has three fridges at home already. She was stuck in the prison of nostalgia, reliving her father’s last vocal message when he was giving her advice on what to pay attention to when buying a fridge.

About the director

Shahi Derky, currently based in France, and born in 1997 Damascus. She graduated with a BA in Literature and English. She then wrote and directed her first short film Leftovers under the Academy of Moving People and Images program in Helsinki, where it premiered at the Tampere Film Festival. She was one of the collaborators of a short film of three episodes Because They Were Three, They Were Four. At the moment she is completing her MA in Political Linguistics, Terminology and Arabic-English-French Translation.


Shahi Derky




Shahi Derky

Director of Photography

Uzair Amjad


Pierre Louis Cargnello