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Carla Simón 2022 24m

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Carla is pregnant and naked, imitating the poses her mother made when she was pregnant herself with Carla. Dappled sunlight falls through windows. We see Super-8 bursts of mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandparents, smiling, stitching, reciting poetry. Then, a young girl travels from the 1960s, to the 1980s, to today, crossing thresholds of womanhood and history, until she meets with Carla by the azure blue Catalonian sea, and Carla’s newly born son, Manel.

About the director
Carla Simón (1986) was raised in a small Catalan village. In 2011 she was awarded with a scholarship and moved to the United Kingdom to study at the London Film School, where she earned an MA. Her autobiographical debut feature SUMMER 1993 (2017) won the GWFF Best First Feature Award and the Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus at Berlinale 2017, among many other prizes all over the world. Carla also received the “Women in Motion” Young Talent Award in Cannes FF 2018. Her second feature film, ALCARRÀS (2022), won the Golden Bear at Berlinale and was selected at the Lux Audience Award. Her most recent work, LETTER TO MY MOTHER FOR MY SON (2022), was selected at Curtas Vila do Conde IFF.

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