“Portraying an industry frequently exploited in Japanese media for objectifying scenes of titillation or abjection, Yamada shows sex workers’ dignity and desires amidst the misogyny and violence pervading society, updating the humanistic impulses of Kenji Mizoguchi to address the contemporary alienation of labor with humor and drama.” - Excerpt from Japan Cuts 2020


In a sex shop on the fourth floor of a building, in a flashy room, female escorts are waiting for calls from customers. Adapted from her own stage play, Kana Yamada’s directorial debut is a multi-faceted portrayal of women’s lives intersecting with a Tokyo escort service.

About the director:

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Born in Kanagawa in 1985, Kana Yamada founded the Logic Theatre Company and cultivated a heralded method of performance. She directed her debut short film NIGHT FLIGHT in 2016. Her second short film SHINJUKU GIRL won awards at many film festivals. She is active in screenplay writing, stage production and video direction, and was on the screenplay team of the Netflix drama THE NAKED DIRECTOR.

Filmmaker’s Talk” in response to our virtual moderator’s questions is included at the end of the movie. Don’t miss it!

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Sairi Ito, Yuri Tsunematsu, Reiko Kataoka, Aimi Satsukawa


Kana Yamada