This movie is

A tender and heart-warming coming-of-age about family relationships and respect for diversity.


Lola and her father travel to the coast to scatter the ashes of Lola’s mother. But Lola used to be Lionel, and her father has not accepted that she’s no longer a boy. Tender road movie by Laurent Micheli (Even Lovers Get the Blues) about discovering what lies behind appearances. Lola is an 18-year-old transgender girl living in a shelter home with her only friend, Samir. When her mother dies, her father Philippe makes Lola miss the funeral. He is ashamed of her and refuses to accept that Lola is not Lionel anymore. Lola’s sex reassignment operation is scheduled for five weeks. Her mother would secretly pay for it, and now Lola doesn’t have the money. When Lola steals her mother’s ashes, Philippe steals them back to honour his wife’s wishes to have them scattered in the dunes by the Belgian North Sea. Lola (an impressive debut by Mya Bollaers) has vowed not to leave her mother, and together father and daughter drive towards the coast. With the urn and their troubled past between them, they have to come to grips with their grief and their feelings for each other.

Also Known As



Laurent Micheli


Belgium, France

Director of Photography

Olivier Boonjing


Julie Naas


Raf Keunen


10:15! Production, Wrong Men

International Sales

Les Films du Losange

Maturity rating

A - language