Available from 21 to 26 of November

This movie is

A film based on the iconic and archetypal character from a world-renowned novel by the literary giant Gustave Flaubert.


In nineteenth-century France, the romantic daughter of a country squire (Emma Rouault) marries a dull country doctor (Charles Bovary). To escape boredom, she throws herself into love affairs with a suave local landowner (Rodolphe Boulanger) and a law student (Leon Dupuis), and runs up ruinous debts. This film version closely follows Flaubert’s novel and includes most of the famous scenes, such as the wedding, the ball, the agricultural fair, the operation on the clubfoot, and the opera in Rouen.


Claude Chabrol




Jean Francois Balmer, Jean Yanne, Christophe Malavoy, Lucas Belvaux, Isabelle Huppert

Maturity rating

U/A 13+