It is the worst of times for the tale of this city called Delhi. Akaash and his father are living in the poshest part of the city. His wife left them with their child and moved to the countryside in an attempt to protect him from extreme air pollution choking Delhi. We meet them again in the court, arguing for divorce. The terms “climate change” and “air pollution” used to be lingo of scientists, environmentalists or policy makers. Now they have become part of every conversation among people. The degradation of air quality and other resources has and is a affecting our daily life, economy, human emotions and even relationships.

Curator’s sight:

Scenes from a wedding in a time of climate change. The damage that pollution has caused to the environment makes it increasingly unlivable for us and for the other species that inhabit it, putting at risk the safety of the vital spaces in which we live and the familial and social relationships that bind us.

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These shorts movies are part of the anthology that follows ART for The World’s successful production of “Stories on Human Rights”, 22 short movies commissioned by UNHCR for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

This new film anthology explores the concept of INTERDEPENDENCE and our urgent needs to reduce environmental damage and to preserve our natural resources, in respect of the four fundamental elements essential for our life on this Planet.


Nila Madhab Panda

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