“MEN ON THE DRAGON Invigorates Hong Kong’s Indie Scene.” - Variety
“Man Po Cheung’s cinematography includes some impressive images, particularly during the rowing sessions, while Alan Wai-Lun Cheng’s editing provides the film with a relatively fast pace that suits its aesthetics quite nicely.” - Asian Movie Pulse


Lung, Tai, Suk-Yi and William are happy-go-lucky employees of a broadband network company who muddle their way through each day at work. When massive layoffs are expected, they pledge their loyalty to the company by signing up for the newly formed dragon boat team. When they embark on their rigorous training, they’re inevitably forced to face the respective mid-life crises they have been dodging. As they rekindle their long-lost fighting spirit, they begin to welcome life’s challenges. 

About the director:

Sunny Chan

Chan wrote 14 screenplays including FUNERAL MARCH (2001),THE LOVE UNDERCOVER SERIES (2003), and DIVA… AH HEY (2003), etc. He was nominated in the 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards for the best original screenplay for the film FUNERAL MARCH (2001). He is now working as a lecturer on film and television studies in the Hong Kong Design Institute, together with his love column writings in newspaper AM730, magazine Cosmopolitan and More. MEN ON THE DRAGON (2018) is his directorial debut.

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Francis Ng, Poon Chan Leung, Kenny Wong, Tony Wu Tsz-tung, Nancy Wu, Jennifer Yu

Original Title



Sunny Chan