This movie is

A metaphorical tale about taking care of what we love and that is part of our life.


A Giant Teddy appears in the Valletta Harbour. Media goes into a frenzy. Soon havoc follows.

Mr. Teddy is Angry is a short animation (4 mins) by Fabrizio Ellul done in a 2D frame-by-frame technique where every frame is digitally hand-drawn. It follows the story of a Giant Teddy that makes an appearance in the Valletta Grand Harbour and soon wreaks havoc. The short animation is produced by Filfla Studio. It has received a ‘New Talent’ grant by Screen Malta. Mr. Teddy is Angry was finalized in March 2021 and is currently being submitted to Film Festivals.


Fabrizio Ellul

Screenplay, Art, Animation

Fabrizio Ellul




Fabrizio Ellul

Production Company

Filfla Studio

Assistant Production

Feliciann Aquilina


Owen Jay, Batti Batti Records

Maturity rating

U/A 7+