The film will only be available until September 2nd at 23:59 CEST.

Out of Competition - Pre-Opening Film

Between February and April 2020, director Andrea Segre was stuck in Venice as the Coronavirus pandemic began its spread. Besides being the place where he has set many of his projects, Venice is also his father’s native city. All of a sudden, the pandemic froze the capital of the Veneto region into an empty shell that was finally reconnected with its history and environment, as well as the filmmaker’s own past. During those days Segre collected the visual notes and stories that make the bulk of Molecole, a documentary in which he also explores his relationship with his Venetian father ⎯ a scientist, physicist and chemist who passed away ten years prior to the making of this film and serves as its main protagonist. The city’s isolation becomes one with the sense of loneliness felt by Segre himself, who also wrote the film’s original script.

About the director:

ANDREA SEGRE (Dolo, Italy, 1976) is a director of narrative and documentary films. IL PIANETA IN MARE (2019) premiered in Venice in 2019 out of competition. His first fiction film, SHUN LI AND THE POET (2011), was presented in Venice in the Giornate degli Autori section; FIRST SNOWFALL (2013) was also in Venice in the Orizzonti section, whereas THE ORDER OF THINGS (2017) premiered at the Festival as a Special Screening. Among the documentary films Segre directed are LO STERMINIO DEI POPOLI ZINGARI (1998, his debut film), MARGHERA CANALE NORD (2003, Special Screening in Venice), COME UN UOMO SULLA TERRA (2008), IL SANGUE VERDE (2010, Giornate degli Autori), MARE CHIUSO (co-directed by Stefano Liberti, 2012, a Council of Europe Collateral Event in Venice) and I SOGNI DEL LAGO SALATO (2015, Special Project in Giornate degli Autori).



Andrea Segre