Yupin, a middling girl with her gang; Tlemai, Calcium, Peggy, and Hoygy who spend time wander dancing Nha-Harn more than they do in classrooms. One day, she meets Singto, a handsome guy who sells accessories in front of the temple. Yet, her love line gets cut off before they even begin!

Still hurt, Yupin’s heart is pumped again when Sawan, a musician who plays Bamboo organ at school band. Perfect all through with his body, his face, and his brain. While their love seems to be going well, Yupin sneaks to dance Nha-Harn at another province where she meets Singto once again. Surely, she still couldn’t get over him.


Chantana Tiprachart




Chantana Tiprachart, Nakorn Phopairoj


Jinna Kongma, Patchara Eaimtrakul, Nakorn Phopairoj, Ekkapop Paiaree, Ekvit Chairathborriboon