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Night for Day sets out with the fake mother-son relationship between 3 real people living in contemporary Lisbon. The ‘mother’ is Isabel do Carmo, who co-ran the Revolutionary Brigades in Portugal that helped to overthrow the longest fascist dictatorship in Europe, and the ‘sons’ two young men, Alexander Bridi and Djelal Osman – astrophysicists running a start-up in Lisbon that attempts to programme computers to recognise moving images. The film collages a subjectivity from fragments of camera’s struggling to see at night, out in the cold presences watching families inside their homes, and images that attempt to describe a loved one in frequencies of three. Their imaginary house is the real family home of the architect António Teixeira Guerra, finished just before 1974, designed in the shape of a triangle and shot at the time he always chose to invite guests – the magic hour.

About the director

Emily Wardill lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal and Malmo, Sweden. Her films, photographs and objects probe the complexity of perception and communication, the question of how reality appears authentic to us, and the displacements of substance and form effected by the individual nature of the imagination. Her work has won acclaim for the sensual and psychologically fraught yet fractured narratives that she constructs. The films that she started making in the mid-2000s are typically defined by a narrative framework, but the plots as such tend to be secondary. The focus is on other aspects: the mechanics of storytelling, the relationship of imaginary space to language and the interplay between gesture and word.


Emily Wardill


Portugal, Austria

Original Footage

Emanuel Garcia, José Marques, Emily Wardill


The Louis Moholo Octet, Dominic Fitzgerald and Emily Wardill