Nina is an adolescent, who makes a living as a pickpocket in the mean streets of the big city, as her hometown in the countryside holds no options or future. This modern take on Oliver Twist also has its own Fagin character - one who keeps Nina in his grasp of crime and dependency. But when Nina is caught stealing one day, she’s given an opportunity to change her criminal ways … But is there really any alternatives for someone like Nina?

Hristo Simeonov

Hristo Simeonov:

Hristo Simeonov, born 1985, is a film director and writer based in Sofia. Hristo is a Berlinale and Sarajevo Talents Campus alumni. His collaboration with human rights foundations in Bulgaria resulted in the creation of multiple documentaries and videos with social agendas. His short films are shown at international festivals like Clermont Ferrand, Palm Springs, Tampere, Krakow, Dresden, Molodist, Bilbao, Triest, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Cottbus, Tel Aviv etc. His debut short film THE SON (2015) won the Main Short Film Prize at Cottbus Film Festival (2016) and Best Bulgarian Short Film at the Bulgarian Film Academy Awards (2016) and other 15 awards. Currently Hristo develops his first feature film.