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Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun 2014 52m

Available from Mar. 27th 12pm (EST) until Apr. 2nd 11pm (EST)
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A male public space, women’s bodies that disturb. Neither men nor women know what to do with this female body, so it gets veiled. This film is the encounter between women in a quest for meaning who question themselves to confront their individual histories.
Who are they today faced with a society rife with confusion that “does not know what to do” as they are present in ever greater numbers in this public space? A society permeated by religious convictions on the one hand and by ignorance on the other that makes women a permanent target.

About the director

A geologist by training, Bahia Bencheikh El-Fegoun (b. 1976 in Algeria) has been a film director since 2003. In 2007, she started out in editing and filmmaking (Ateliers Varan) before moving on to production (DOCmed). Her debut short film, “C’est à Constantine”, was shown at many festivals and received a special mention of the jury at Ciné Sud. In 2014, she co-produced and co-directed the documentary “Us Outside”, which was also screened at various festivals. In 2017, she produced and directed “Dream Fragments”, a creative documentary. Her latest film is in production, with an all-female crew: director, producer, crew, cast, etc. Bahia Bencheikh El-Fegoun is a Villa Albertine Resident. She was in residence in the Fall 2022 to investigate the history and the contemporary voices of the W.I.T.C.H. (Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell) movement.

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French, Arabic


France, Algeria

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