Fleeing Syria, two doctors and their children are separated from each other. The kids bravely live on their own in turkey, while their parents make it to canada and Denmark. Now they’re stuck in a kafkaesque system that reduces their family life to skype calls. Will they manage to reunite? The film follows a family divided by war and invites the audience to experience the consequences of choices made under huge pressure.

About the director:

Mira Jargil, director. Born 1981. Graduated as documentary director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2011. Her graduation film, ‘The Time We Have,’ won a number of awards, including the Reel Talent Award at CPH:DOX, the Cilect award for Best Graduation Film, a Danish Robert award and a Golden Panda at the Sechuan TV Festival in China.

‘Dreaming of a Family’ (2013) is Jargil’s first documentary after film school. The film was awarded a Robert for Best Documentary. ‘Reunited’ (2020) premiered in competition at CPH:DOX.


Mira Jargil




Mira Jargil


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