Yiannis, a faded musician who is about to leave Cyprus for a better life abroad, sees his plans turned upside down when his dog runs away and crosses the Buffer Zone that separates the “Greek South” from the “Turkish North”. Can he smuggle him back in?

Curator’s sight:

When a city and a country are divided into two by force, without the possibility for any animals, plants or products to pass from one side to the other, as happened in Cyprus after the Turkish invasion of 1974, it is memory that reconstructs the missing part… When one later crosses the border again, as director Marios Piperides did in 2003 when the first checkpoint in Nicosia opened, one enters a new and surreal dimension where everything one had been separated from for so many years, the places and buildings, the architecture, the smells and the people, appear different and strange, yet familiar.


Adam Bousdoukos, Vicky Papadopoulou, Fatih Al, Özgür Karadeniz, Toni Dimitriou, Marios Stylianou, Giannis Kokkinos, Alexia Evripidou, Valentinos Kokkinos, Demetris Demetriou


Marios Piperides

Director of Photography

Christian Huck


Kostantis Papakonstantinou


AMP Filmworks, Pallas Film GmbH