Francisco Sá-Carneiro is a rising politician, deeply catholic, married and father of five children. Snu Abecassis is danish, and besides being Vasco Abecassis’s wife and mother of his three children, is the founder of D. Quixote, publishing company responsible for launching books that dared to defy the New State’s dictatorship. Sá-Carneiro and Snu fell hopelessly in love and decided to accept the consequences of being together.

Patrícia Sequeira:

Patrícia Sequeira started her career in Production but soon went working as Script Supervisor of TV programs, working with live shows, entertainment and fiction contents. She has directed and codirected many telenovelas and directed a miniseries in Brazil. She wrote several short films and worked for lots of TV channels. She left her personal mark in TV series as well as in the telenovelas that changed the panorama of audiences in Portugal. In 2014 she created her own production company, R.I. Filmes. In recent years, she also has been the Artistic Director of telenovelas, and has signed works in Advertising.


Inês Castel-Branco, Pedro Almendra, Inês Rosado, Simon Frankel


Patrícia Sequeira


Claudia Clemente, Patrícia Sequeira

Director of Photography

João Ribeiro


Pedro Ribeiro


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