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Rakesh Rao 2019 24m


We are on the brink of a Climate Crisis. There is empirical evidence of changing climate across the planet. The worst affected regions facing the brunt of climate change are the Cryospheric regions of the world (Arctic, Antarctic, and the Himalayas) and the Oceans. Concerns about climate change and its impact on land, the environment, and mankind have been growing lately. Scientists today are using the latest technology and braving some of the harshest conditions on this planet only to investigate these effects of changing climate. Conducting any scientific research activities in some of these regions is extremely difficult due to its harsh climatic conditions, undulating and inaccessible terrain, and the remoteness of field sites. The film takes you on a journey documenting these scientists conducting research in the Arctic, Himalayas, and the Southern Ocean and experiencing some life-threatening situations to get the scientific data.


• Best Science Film award at the International Science film festival 2019

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