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Yusuf takes on the job of transporting refugees in his refrigerated meat truck, believing this is the only way he can find money to save his daughter’s life. When the smuggler shows up with the refugees, Yusuf realizes there are also kids that would not survive in a refrigerated truck, but still keeps on with the job, gambling with their lives.

About the director

Doğuş Özokutan was born in 1984 in Cyprus. Her debut short Random Attempts competed in several festivals worldwide and it was nominated for the Best Film at the Oscars Qualifying Short Shorts and Asia 2016. Her second short film Kısmet has been nominated for audience awards numerous times, including at the BAFTA Qualifying Leeds International Film Festival. Özokutan’s animated short documentary Çoban completed in 2020 won the Remi Award at Worldfest Houston.


Doğuş Özokutan


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


Doğuş Özokutan

Director of Photography

Pieter Verburg


Doğuş Özokutan


İnal Bilsel