The film offers a unique insight into the heated debate about independence, language and identity that rages in modern-day Greenland. What does the future hold for Greenland? Should Greenland become a sovereign state or on the contrary strengthen its ties to Denmark? We follow four strong-willed and dynamic young greenlanders who are fighting for a better Greenland, but disagree on which direction their country should take.

About the director:

Has further training from the photo school Fatamorgana and from the National Film School of Denmark. Is a member of the Danish Association of Cinematographers (DFF). Sorento has directed and shot a number of documentary films such as ‘On Bicycle to China’ (2001), ‘Yego’ (2003) and ‘Winter Swimmer’ (2004). Sorento’s interest in the Arctic region has led to films such as ‘Klimatruslen i havet’ (2007), ‘Turf War in No Man’s Land’ (2009), ‘Conquering the North Pole’ (2013), ‘Sådan måler man klimaforandringerne’ (2018) and ‘Climates Frozen in Time’ (2019). Kenneth Sorento made his debut in the documentary feature format with ‘The Fight for Greenland’ (2020). The film opened CPH:DOX and competed in the main competition.


Kenneth Sorento




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