A story of one man’s impassioned resistance to the nazis as world war ii threatens to engulf all of europe. In 1939, Henrik Kauffmann is serving his post in Washington as the Danish ambassador to the United States. When German troops invade and occupy Denmark, Kauffman declares himself to be the only true representative of a free Denmark in opposition to the nazis. In the face of growing threats and accusations of treason from the ‘official’ government of Denmark, Kauffmann attempts to gain the trust of us president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Kauffmann must gamble his legacy, his family and the trust of his nation to fight the nazi occupation.

Christina Rosendahl:

Christina Rosendahl (1971) studied Comparative Literary History and Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen and spent a time at the European Film College and the New York Film Academy before graduating from the alternative film School Super16 in 2002.

2002 saw the breakthrough of her highly acclaimed directorial debut, ‘Stargazer’, a documentary about the band Swan Lee featuring her younger sister, Pernille Rosendahl, as lead singer.

Children and youth have been at the centre of many of Rosendahl’s fiction films, among them her feature film debut ‘Triple Dare’ (2006), which received international recognition with awards from the festivals in Trondheim and Zlin as well as winning her a national Robert Award for Best Children and Family Film the same year.

Rosendahl’s second feature film, ‘The Idealist’ (2015), a political thriller based on true events during the Cold War, won Rosendahl the Best Director Award at Beijing Film Festival in 2016. ‘Our Man In America’ (2020) is her third feature film.

Since her debut ‘Stargazer’, Rosendahl has directed a number of documentary films, including ‘Violently in Love’ (2017).

Rosendahl became chairman of the association of Danish Film Directors in 2014 and is an active voice in the film debate, not least on gender issues.


Christina Rosendahl




Kristian Bang Foss, Christina Rosendahl, Dunja Gry Jensen


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