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Sophia Mocorrea 2023 30m

Available in France, USA, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Chezch Republic, Mexico, Italy, Slovakia, and Romania only


Luisa from Buenos Aires and Fred from Brandenburg have created their own universe in their relationship. In addition to the bureaucratic benefits of getting married, they decide to make a special mark on their love in a small, intimate setting. The families, on the other hand, plan across continents and over their heads for a big celebration in Fred’s home village in Brandenburg. Luisa and Fred realize that they have underestimated the magnitude of this ceremony and the families’ expectations and traditions associated with it. They find themselves increasingly confronted with stereotypical role models and intercultural prejudices. Luisa and Fred lose control of events, resign themselves and become like puppets in false costumes. Finally, their parents’ supposedly generous wedding gift a house inthe rural neighborhood causes the first cracks in their relationship.Fred and Luisa become outsiders at their own wedding and losetheir sovereignty and unity in the maelstrom of the night.

About the director

Sophia Mocorrea

As a German-Argentinian, Sophia Mocorrea grew up between Münster and Buenos Aires. After graduating from high school, she trained as a media designer for image and sound, during which she produced contributions for television. She then worked as an assistant director in film. Between the film productions, she devoted herself to her own projects, for which she traveled to countries such as Vietnam, Bolivia, Peru, but also her second home Argentina. She is currently studying directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Her film MATADORAS (2021), selected at Premiers Plans FF 2022. Her latest work is THE KIDNAPPING OF THE BRIDE (2023) has been selected at Sundance FF.

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