The day will eventually come, and I won’t remember myself anymore…Chou,Shih-Ching is a senior radio broadcaster. On another side of her, she is a daughter who takes care of her aged mom who suffered from the Alzheimer’s disease for years. Shi-Ching feels suffered and suffocated along with her mom’s progressively worsen disease. However, recently she easily forgets things and fails to recall what have happened. She feels she is no longer herself anymore. As her daily life sliding into chaos, her husband Liu, Kuang-Hsuan, who has disappeared for ages and her aggressive daughter suddenly come home, adding various and unpredictable factors into her life. While Shih-Ching confirms her Alzheimer, she plans to get everything ready and settled before her memory fades away….


Ting, Chao-Hui



Director of Photography

Lin, Chih-Peng


Lai, Chia-Jung