Alina Kleytman’s extended project ‘a story of the fat old girl’ constructs a layered narrative of the eponymous Fat Old Girl who lives in a world populated by subversively archetypical figures, such as the Dumb Angry Bull, Sharp-Nose Angry Beast or the Small Old Bitch. Employing and distorting the strategies of story-telling Kleytman constructs a perplexing tale of traumas and psychological violence. The story-telling of the Chapter 5: The Notes on the Dumb Angry Bull dresses the archetypical roles in the uncanny staffage creating an absurdist fable filled with fur and riddled sprats. What is evoked through a story contrasts with the image seen in the video, in which a central figure is hidden from sight and covered with a dirty duvet and reminds a lumpy, amorphous piece of marble yet to be sculpted. The fairy tale speaks of shame and fear, of social and emotional structures propelling into normative roles in adulthood, as well as those that infantilize and deprive of agency. The sounds of chewing and squelching create the work’s soundscape suggesting the convergence of compulsion and internalisation bridging the narrative and the depiction.

Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz

Original title

История про Старую Толстую Девочку. Глава пятая: заметки про тупого и злого быка


Alina Kleytman